Being parents is exciting but it is just as overwhelming. Parents may line up the schedules beforehand but the situations and problems are usually different when they experience them in reality. Babies bring life-altering changes in your routine and taking care of them might seem challenging initially. Imagine you were living in a quiet, peaceful and a clean household, but now all you see and hear are diapers and your baby crying. It definitely is stressful.

TinyJumps provides you with the most vital and fundamental tips to manage your babies and make the transition smoother and easier.

Tip #1: Learn to Swaddle Your Baby

Babies are little bubs who are apprehensive of their surroundings in their early years. It makes them crave the touch and presence of their mothers every second. Obviously, mothers cannot tend to their babies every time, so it is ideal to swaddle them. Swaddling includes wrapping them securely to make the babies feel safe. This way they will not cry. It almost seems like a blanket burrito that avoids their arms and legs waving here and there, which keeps them secure by not hitting any object around. Swaddling keeps them warm and cozy, which mainly helps them to sleep longer while mothers complete other chores.

Tip #2: Maintain a Record

Babies cannot communicate in their early years through words but they will talk about their problems through their behavior and habits. It is vital that mothers should pen down or be extra vigilant in mentally registering their babies’ crying, feeding and sleeping habits. This will enable mothers to trace a pattern and you will be more prepared every next day. Maintaining a record allows mothers to adapt to the time structure of the babies’ habits and leads to knowing them more every day. One way parents can do so is the use of our Light Drawing Board. They can maintain column records and later when the baby grows, it can be used by them for creative thing learning. Since it glows in light, it will definitely be the best writing board they have when they grow up.

Tip #3: Every Superhero needs a Sidekick

No doubt, all mothers are super moms when they bring a child into this world. They are always by their kids’ side no matter what. Hence, sometimes the pressure of being a super mom becomes stressful. As efficient as a mother, it is impossible to play every role and complete every chore single handedly. A smart mother would delegate. Fathers can tend to outdoor chores while you take care of the baby at home. Consider having your close friends or find a good babysitter when you have to run errands by yourself. You should also have rotating night duties with your husband to look after the baby when they wake up in the middle of the night. In this manner, nobody gets exhausted, work gets done and you are in a healthy shape, mentally and physically, to take care of your baby.

Tinyjumps’ MommySway Multifunctional Baby Swing Chair is perfect for this. This actually helps like a third person to look after your baby when you need a break. They keep the baby calm and if they wake up at night, it will take care of your baby’s sleep and keep your baby calm just like the mother embraces.

Tip #4: Keep a Grab and Go Diaper Bag at the Ready

Since, the time at home is hectic in itself, getting ready for an outdoor hangout may also seem demanding and time-consuming. Keeping a diaper bag stocked and stored by the door can minimize the getting ready time. You can pack the diaper bag beforehand with all the baby essentials that you might need while you are hanging out. This way time is managed efficiently and since you have packed the bag earlier at your ease, it doesn’t make you think you have left something behind. The Lumi diaper bag at tinyjumps can be used for this purpose, as it will manage all your baby nursing needs and diaper changing essential items. If you don’t have any stroller then we will recommend you to use our BabyWheeler™ Portable Baby Stroller that comes with a Free Bag to keep all baby items at hand when you are outside.

Tip #5: Rompers are your most Reliable Choice

Onesies prove to your best companion in your baby’s early years. They are a no muss no fuss piece of clothing, which make your lives a thousand times easier. Babies make a lot of mess and untidy themselves as they are growing up. Babies are convenient to change in rompers as compared to other fancy attires. The best solution is to use rompers only as it not only keeps your clothes changing efficiently, but also keeps the baby happy as they can freely move their feet and hands around. Our Rompers includes a variety of rompers in 1 set that you can choose from whenever changing your bubs’ clothes.