Many families imply the good cop, bad cop rule for parenting in raising their kids in a normal and balanced environment. Fathers, however, get to be the ‘good cop’ or the cool dad in most of the cases. Dads are witty, excited for playing outdoor games and kids can always count on them to dissolve their worries and problems.

Fathers allow their kids to have fun and let them engage in innocent mischief under their supervision. So here are a few tips that make your kids super happy and earn you the title of the coolest dad.

Take them for a Thrilling Drive

On rare occasions, pacifiers or swaying doesn’t work at all. The baby gets tired of seeing the four walls of the house and demands a change. They cry out of frustration and it is tricky to calm them down. Instead of taking them outside in the backyard or lawn, fathers can take their babies on an exciting spin around the block in the car. However, safety is to be prioritized. Our Strap & Safe™ Child Protection Car Seat is similar to your companion that ensures the safety of their baby to the maximum. It comfortably cushions the baby with its soft padding and fastens the baby securely due to its five-point strap system. You can turn up the volume of the music or any nursery rhyme and sing with your baby. It will make your kid laugh and make him enjoy his time with you.

Calming Down the Little Hungry Monster

Feeding the baby is always a challenging task. It happens quite frequently that babies refuse to eat or even make a mess dipping their fingers in the bowl. The situation can terrify dads but the kids need to be fed. The solution would be to use spoons attached with a bowl. TinyJumps’ Silicone Feeding Spoon eases your situation and provides you with a spoon that has a storage bottle on its end. In this manner, the bowl is out of the question and your kid cannot make a mess. The Silicon Feeding Spoon assists the father in dispensing the optimum amount of food, needed by the baby, with a gentle squeeze. The silica gel also helps in relieving their teething pain. So, the mealtimes aren’t so fretful now.

Education in the Process Learning

Babies of the present times are far more evolved than before. They won’t be amused with furry toys or any toy that won’t respond back or interact with them. Fathers find it difficult to entertain their kids when they use stuffed toys for a little puppet performance or role-play. Kids find it boring. The ideal solution for fathers to add liveliness in the playtime would be to engage their kids in toys that spark all their senses. TinyJumps’ Animal Musical Keyboard provides the perfect combination of entertainment and education. It is a multi-functional toy with features that engage the kids instantly due to its vibrant colors. The kids turn excited to hear the various musically operated buttons and see the flashy lights. Moreover, the animal themed keyboard makes them recognize different animals. It also enhances their auditory, tactile and visionary senses. So, play the piano with your babies and amuse them while giving them an opportunity to interact with the toys.

Set a Camp in your Lawn/Backyard

Did you plan a camping trip with your kids and somehow it got canceled? Now the kids are upset because they got eager for an outdoor, under the sky experience. Fathers can’t witness their kids gloomy and broken-hearted. Obviously, the plan got canceled under some emergency but what’s the quick fix? Well, you can utilize your lawn or backyard and build up a fort of sheets. However, that too would be time consuming and require effort. Surprise your kids with our Fun fort building kit installed in the lawn. It’s the best camp-like ambience that will make your kids scream with excitement. A couple of fairy lights and a bonfire nearby would replicate the camping experience your kids were looking forward to. 

Time for a Dive

Babies spend a lot of time with their mother and hence share a close bond with them naturally. Work and jobs tend to make their relationship with their father a bit distant. When kids grow up and are fully aware, they unintentionally require proof that their dads would always be there for them. For a healthy relationship, fathers need to engage them in fun activities through which they can bond with their kids and show that indeed their father would always protect them. TinyJumps presents Baby Swimming Floats that give fathers the ideal activity to connect with their kids. These swimming floats guarantee safety with their five-point strap lock system. Fathers, themselves, can dive into the pool and train their kids to swim. Together through the father’s concerned instructions and the float’s impeccable safety system, the kids confidently learn to swim and realize they can always depend on their dad.