Parenting isn’t just raising kids; it demands innovative ways to keep them engaged and entertained. Nobody likes a messy household, but the chaos is inevitable when you have infants and little bubs all around. It is vital that parents need to know some strategies to maintain a peaceful and clean house. These hacks give parents a moment of relief from their stressful routine. The execution of these hacks will lead to a productive and satisfied life of both, the parents and the baby.

So, leave your stress of parenthood behind, put on the seat-belt of ingenuity and enjoy the hack ride!

Hack #1: The Up-gradation:

Cribs prove to be highly useful in the early years of children. They maintain an independent space for babies to relax and play. However, once the baby outgrows the crib, what are you supposed to do with it? If you were thrifty and smart parents, you wouldn’t want to simply throw it out. An incredible hack would be to renovate your crib into a playing/study table once your child is too big for it. Here is how you will do it: Displace one side of the crib and add a sturdy board to fit the size of the crib’s bed. Or you can use chalkboard paint and let your kids pour out their creativity with paints and colors. Our HappySleep ™ Multipurpose Baby Bed guarantees babies to sleep peacefully. Once the crib is small for the baby, its adjustment positions easily let’s the parents upgrade the crib into a table when it is not in use anymore.

Hack # 2: Turning Meal Times into a Game

Children often test their mother’s patience on the dinner table. They would refuse to eat or create a mess in the process. Usually parents use screen time as a way to make children eat. This is highly not recommended and unsafe for the kids’ health. The best solution would be to turn mealtimes into a game. Mark your kid’s plate with a start and finish post-it note and make an arrow pattern in between. Ask them to follow the arrows to reach the finish line and completely eat their food. This hack would serve best with siblings who compete with each other to win the game. TinyJumps’ Food Separating Set also works in the same way by allowing you to use this hack perfectly with division compartments. The food tray is designed in the shape of an airplane that further excites the kids to finish their food in an enjoyable manner. They can pretend their food items as passengers and how fast can they fly them away towards their mouth. It does not blend the food together and parents can trick their kids in eating all the nutritious food necessary.

Hack # 3: Making a Racetrack or a Parking Lot in the Lounge

Many parents don’t have the luxury to buy fancy play mats. Their kids just sit in a restricted corner and clutter the place without any productivity. As parents you always look for solution where you can cheer up your kids. So take out your masking tapes and don’t dispose empty toilet rolls. You can make your very own racetrack and a parking lot on the carpet or the floor in the lounge. If you find making this difficult then our all in one Glide&Drive™ Airplane Storage Set can work well in this regard. It is responsible for awakening the kids’ creativity, as they are motivated to design their own pathway using their imagination. They can outline a car track or make an airport, all depend upon their thinking skills. The set has numerous automobiles and an airplane with four professional models that keeps the children engaged in playing a pretend game by role-playing. The set allows them to play with a lot of vehicles at once and enhance their creativity and thinking ability in the best possible manner.

Hack # 4: Tracking Your Kids:

As parents, we are very protective of our kids. You avoid taking in them public parks or crowded places. You are fearful that they might get lost amidst the gathering. It is nearly impossible to keep an attentive eye because once they start playing or get mixed in the crowd, they are nowhere to be seen. An ideal solution would be to use matching outfit. This hack actually helps as same clothes are easily recognizable from a difference and there is comparatively no chance of other baby wearing the same print. Further, it can also be used to recognize your family members from difference as they all would be distinct to recognize from the crowd.

Our Matching Family Outfit also works in the same way as it makes you dress all the same. So, if both the siblings are wearing the same outfit, you can easily track them in a crowd. God forbid, even if they go missing, you can describe the people that your children are wearing the same outfit as you are. Hence, it becomes convenient for others to point them out. Moreover, the outfits are comfortable to wear for children to run around, play and enjoy freely. It serves as an excellent coordinated outfit for outdoor hangouts.

Hack # 5: Saving your home Furniture and Walls from Color Pencils

Children’s need to draw on the walls and leave marks on the furniture is part of their growing up. They explore their artistic phase in their early years and utilize their color pencils or markers to the most. Obviously, due to good parenting, we don’t want to scold or punish them, as it would put a block on their creativity. However, you do want to put an end to the mess and make your walls and furniture stain free. The best solution would be to use 1 of your room wall and paint it black, and tell them this is there creative wall for all the things they want to experiment or draw.

If you cannot paint your wall black then providing them with a white board will help, as this will restrict their boundaries and they will enjoy this as a task.  Our Light Drawing Board works in a more creative way then these two. It is a special table that glows in the dark and allow your kids to exhibit their creativity in a fun and safe way. It lets them discover their imagination without damaging the house walls. The light drawing board also serves as a form of art therapy where children indulge in creating a world of their own while letting go of their fears of darkness.

Hack # 6: Continue the Process of Organization:

Baby Nurseries are often the messiest place in a house. Parents tend to clutter the room with many baby essentials that are spread all across the room. Hanging organizers are far more useful that cupboard. They can be used for keeping every item that is needed for the baby within a parent’s reach. However, parents always think that baby items organizer can only be used in a nursery. Don’t dispose your organizers just yet! Hanging organizers prove to be highly beneficial later on when your babies are all grown up. Mothers, especially, can use them to sort out their utensils, spatulas etc and hang it in their kitchen/pantry. They can be utilized in storing socks or delicate garments of kids when they grow up. This hack can be perfectly executed with our Baby Bed Storage Arranger that allows mothers to attain maximum organization of items. There are nine pockets that are spacious and can be used to store any item. The hanging quality makes it more beneficial to hang anywhere parents want and use it as they like.

Hack #7: Make Diaper Changing Clean and Comfortable

Infants tend to get their diaper dirty quite frequently. Very often the diaper leaks and as a result, the clothes are ruined too. When parents change their kids’ diapers, most of them pull their shirts over the children’s head. This makes a huge mess and is not recommended because the shirt leaves stains on their body and face in the process. The solution to this problem would be dress your kids in fabrics that are light and elastic, so you can easily change their clothes by pulling them down. Our Multicolored Packs of Rompers comes as your savior for this problem. All the rompers have envelope folds on their shoulders, which are stretchable and allow the parents to pull the romper down instead taking it off from over their head. This saves parents from the dirty mess and makes diaper changing convenient. The Multicolored Packs of Rompers have a variety of rompers included and they give parents multiple dressing options for their kids.

Your are not Alone

This is last but the most important to know as a parent. There are numerous parents still struggling to give better care to their kids. No one is born a perfectionist. Every parent masters the art of parenthood through practice and learning along the way. By these hacks, we ensure to make that path easier and convenient as much as possible. It is vital that parents relish their kids’ childhood, rather than being exhausted.