Parents have numerous options these days for dressing their babies. They surf through different styles, prints, colors and shades to find the perfect one. Apart from dressing their little darlings adorably, parents look for an outfit, which is comfortable and could be easily handled when changing.

Rompers or Jumpsuits are the most convenient choice for parents. There is a good reason they are also called ‘onesies’ because they are a one-piece outfit that covers the baby. Hence, they prove useful in carrying too. Parents don’t have to pack shirts and trousers separately every time they go outdoors. With the feature of zippers or snap buttons, rompers are easy to put on and take off for changing. Rompers and Jumpsuits have a loose fit, which keep the babies with ease and allow free movement.

Gone are the days when rompers and jumpsuits were plain and simple. In this trendy era, they are designed fashionably. TinyJumps takes pride in providing you with an amazingly unique and stylish range of jumpsuits and rompers that go perfectly with every occasion. We call this Rompers and Jumpsuit Heaven.

Furry Animals

Want to see real life fluffy furry cubs walking around in your home? Our collection is just what you need. Parents wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from cuddling their little bubs.

They are extremely comfortable with a cotton blend inner lining. The plush polyester fabric outwards depicts a cozy image and parents want to snuggle and play with their children immediately. Both baby boys and girls can wear the jumpsuits, but the color options and the head bow makes baby girls look like little darlings. The life-like ears and the face design on the hood makes the jumpsuits more appealing and adorable. They are suited for every season and would be strikingly noticeable at all family events.

Animated Characters

Movies with cartoon characters appeal to parents the most. They are highly attracted to cute and admirable animated characters and want to dress their kids in the same manner. Your wish is TinyJumps’ command. We have a variety of jumpsuits based on different cartoon characters:

They are uniquely designed and have been given precise attention to every detail. It almost seems that the animated movie characters have jumped right out the television screen and are roaming around amidst you. The hoods especially have 3D representation of the characters’ faces. These jumpsuits maintain their admirable appearance, as well as, provide them with extreme comfort and warmth. Though they are perfect for any hangout, they are incredibly suited for Halloween.

Bunny Rabbits

Make your Easter more vibrant by watching your kids crawling around as cute little bunnies. The Hooded Bunny Romper provide the same amount of adorable fluffiness to little babies. They are incredibly soft and warm to wear due to their fuzzy fabric. They keep the baby protected from the cold weather. The 3D bunny ears add an extra adorable appeal. Not only on Easter, the color and design of these jumpsuits allows them to be worn for any occasion or any casual day.

Fancy Girly Outfits

Baby girls like to be all dolled up with trendy outfits with vibrant colors. Ruffled Outfit and Floral Cold Shoulder Blouse is a treat for little girls who like a stylish flair in their clothes. The fashionable design and the vintage touch of elegance of the rompers make baby girls look extremely adorable. Whether they have to play in the crib or take a walk in the park, these rompers are perfect for any day.

TinyJumps does not offer jumpsuits and rompers as a piece of clothing, but they serve to bring smiles all over. When babies are dressed in these, play or jump around, they make their parents extremely happy. The babies also enjoy their appearance and have fun while putting them on. The jumpsuits aren’t just outfits, they give an opportunity to the parents to make a million worthwhile memories. The kids love them as their favorite outfits and are ready to wear them anywhere everyday.