Sock Shoes for Toddlers

$ 29.95

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Presenting our adorable “Sock Shoes for Toddlers” that features a soft padded sole making them the perfect indoor shoes for your little one to crawl around in. These sock shoes are made up of super soft and comfy cotton material to keep your baby’s feet cozy.

The padded sole allows the baby to walk on the floor without shoes. These sock shoes are available in various colors, adorable designs, and sizes to fit according to your baby’s feet size. Perfect indoor shoes for your baby.


  • These socks feature animated faces that attract your child
  • The socks have a very soft and flexible padded sole
  • Soft and comfortable material is breathable and non-irritating to skin
  • It keeps the feet clean and sweat-free
  • Perfect for your baby to wear indoors


  • Material: Cotton Blend
  • Colors: Turmeric Yellow, Rose Red, Grey, Coffee, Pink, Black
  • Designs: Lion, Red Shark, Giraffe, Cat, Fox
  • Size (cm):