Nasal Aspirators for Babies

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Babies have very delicate skin and we cannot put extra pressure on them. Just like
we treat them with extra care and protection with soft and gentle hands, nasal
cleaning should be gentle. So, we have this tool that is compatible with the baby’s
soft skin and gives perfect nasal cleaning.
Our nasal aspirator is designed with motherly care. It cleans the baby’s nose quickly
without hurting them. The material used in the manufacturing is non-toxic and non-irritating, thus it is highly safe to use. It has a tube featuring a small nasal
head to fit the little nostrils of the baby. Moreover, it has a long suction pipe and a
suction mouthpiece. Hygienic filters catch the booger and make the whole process
How to use;
Set the filter in the nasal tube and then attach it to the suction pipe. Put the nasal
head near the nostril (do not insert it in the nostril), and set the suction mouthpiece
in your mouth. Suck the air to clean the baby’s nose. Once you are done,
disseminate the parts, throw the filter in the trash can, and wash the rest of the
parts with warm water.
Note: Never blow the air in the nasal pipe
  • Features
  • The nasal aspirator is made with high-quality material that is safe to use
  • It helps in cleaning the baby’s nose faster and quicker
  • It offers a most convenient way to clean the nostrils
  • It features an antibacterial filter sponge
  • The disposable filter catches the booger without hurting the baby
  • The suction mouthpiece is non-toxic and chemical-free thus it does not make
  • any harmful impacts
  • All parts are 100% hygienic, soft, and gentle
  • It is perfect for all age babies
  • Perfect to clean the baby’s nose in a few seconds
Polypropylene + APP + Silicone
Size of nasal tube:
4.6 inch