Side Strap Baby Carrier

$ 39.95


Side Strap Baby Carrier resolves the worries of busy parents and makes them manage everything while keeping an eye on their babies.

It permits the parents to have free hands while still staying close to the baby. The strap is padded providing no strain to the shoulder or neck. The soft cotton fabric allows the baby to reside in the sling comfortably and with ease. The self-buckle gives maximum protection and ensures security. The sling can be carried and modified into five positions according to the baby’s requirement. The pocket is spacious, which gives plenty of room for the baby to move freely. It also provides a safe and private enclosure for the mothers to nurse their babies.


  • Breathable cotton fabric which allows the baby to sleep or be nursed comfortably
  • A pocket at the side can be used to keep small essentials
  • Innovative and secure design of the shoulder strap
  • Can be adjusted to five positions


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Sky Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Hot Pink, Mauve, Printed
  • Load bearing: 20 kg 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x side strap baby carrier