Having a baby is a blessing and a miracle of life. Most women relish the idea of becoming a mother. They make plans and take prudent decisions to make their schedule easier after the arrival of the baby. Movies and social media paint a blissful picture during the pregnancy but the reality is different. They make it seem that post-birth, every pain and worry shall vanish when the baby is handed in your arms. This is true, life does become a heaven on earth, but heaven isn’t earned easily. The baby tests the parents most unbearably. The mothers especially experience a lot of serious problems that should be addressed right away for their well-being as well as the good health of the baby.

Following are the 5 major problems that every new mother faces

Problem #1: Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

As much as women rejoice in having a baby bump and getting fat during pregnancy, they undergo postpartum depression after childbirth. Social media and the lavish lifestyles of celebrities and people around them make them conscious about their bodies. They are afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and do not feel good about themselves. Joining a gym looks difficult since they have to look for the baby, their house, and other routines that keep them occupied all day long. Instead of being unmotivated, things can be controlled while being busy with all your routine stuff. Only thing you have to do is to get a Postpartum belly belt that has changed the lives of many housewives to control their gained wait after pregnancy and gain a perfect shape without much effort. Reviews prove they tend to work 100% and are also safe to use with no side effects. They prove highly effective in reducing weight and transforming their bodies back to their previous shape. All one has to do is wear the postpartum belly belt and let the belt take care of your gain. 

Problem #2: Sleep Deprivation: 

Motherhood isn’t all doting on how adorable your child is, but requires several sleepless nights to make the baby comfortable. The babies will exhaust mothers in the most odd hours and expect them to care for them with the same love and affection every time. Lack of rest drains the mothers physically and mentally. It makes them irritable and decreases their work efficiency. The result is frequent mood swings and not giving much needed attention to your baby. Also it is difficult to bring someone who can help you out as a third hand in handling your baby when you need a break or rest alone.

Things could get better as the best solution to this problem is to get a third hand in the form of our Mommy’s Sidekick Baby Swing Egg Chair that actually works. The swaying chairs not only keeps babies occupied, but also keeps them calm when mothers are not beside them. It functions to relax babies with their movement. These chairs are also available with mellow lullabies to make babies sleep on their own while mothers can have their share of rest at the same time.

 Problem #3: Managing Breastfeeding and Work:

Rejoining work after childbirth could be tricky for mothers. They share a close connection with their babies by taking care of them and nursing them. Breastfeeding is important because it contains antibodies that help your baby fight against viruses and bacteria. It also lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies. What’s more is, babies who are breastfed for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses and more so, giving your breast milk to babies is important. The problem arises when working mothers have to leave for work, since they can’t keep their babies all the time. Even if they are working from home, they still have to take out time to feed their babies after every 3-4 hours. Further, when out, finding the best place to feed your baby is the real task for many mothers. Babies are tuned to feel the presence of their mothers when they are fed. It’s very hard for mothers to leave the baby at home for their nursing needs. 

There is a best tested solution to this problem and that is Breast pumps which provides the ideal solution to mother’s to manage outdoor activities and feed their babies simultaneously. Ordinary pumps don’t work well, as boiling them for the right temperature and then cooling it down is not the solution we are looking for. Along with the breast pumps, using Baby milk heating device are available that match the best for giving baby the right temperature breast milk whenever needed. These two resolve the issue of location and the nursing needs.

Problem #4: Chaotic Meal times:

The real struggle for mothers starts when their kids start eating solid food items. Due to their curious minds, they tend to explore and pick everything with their bare hands. As a result, mealtimes are messy and mothers get frustrated and they do not even eat properly. Mothers struggle to do a lot of presentation techniques, but the results are the same. During this age, babies need to have the right food intake, so they can grow well. This could be avoided. All you have to do is use some Interactive cutlery solely made for infants.

Research proves that infants tend to be more attracted towards cutlery than the food being presented to them. What else is proven that, cutlery that kids like, they tend to eat proper and make less mess around.If mothers want to give their children a mix of a healthy diet, then they can use Meal-dividing interactive plates that works best and they enjoy every nutritious food item without it being blended.

Problem #5: Forgetting To Live In The Moment: 

The arrival of the baby is a major life-changing addition in the routine of a couple. Parenthood is a taxing job. The baby makes both the mother and the father weary and tired so much that the parents don’t get enough time for themselves. Their routine revolves around the baby and this creates an unseen strain in their relationship with each other, and they tend to forget to live in the moment. Hence, it is vital that couples bond outside the four walls of their home to rejoice in their lives and fresh air.

Things get worse when babysit looks quite expensive, and you can’t trust 100% for the person looking after your baby properly when you are away. The baby obviously cannot be neglected, so the best solution to this problem is to go for a walk with your spouse while taking the baby in our BabyWheeler™ Portable Baby Stroller that should keep the baby occupied with its multiple features. This way, parents would find time to reconnect and enjoy the moment they were otherwise missing in surrounding walls.