The distress of Covid-19 has taken over the entire globe and every family is struggling hard to cope with it safely. Families especially with children are worried how to have a seamless quarantine time and how to take secure measures to avoid getting infected. Here, we present you with a few ways to facilitate you to make this stressful isolation productive and convenient as responsible parents.


 1. Aware To Care:

Most importantly, communicate with your kids. First, gather their knowledge regarding COVID and then educate them regarding the pandemic. Don’t shy away from sharing details. Keeping silent and not telling your kids regarding the current situation will do no good and won’t keep your children safe. Be open to their questions and answer them all with patience. Satisfy their curiosity, as they may be scared or confused experiencing this current situation. Explain and make them understand in plain language and be polite while allowing them to process all the given information.


2. Streamlined Routine:


Due to the pandemic, everyone is isolated at home and parents as well as children are struggling hard to adjust their routines. It is difficult for kids especially, since they don’t have the freedom to go out and play outside in parks or with their friends. Parents are working from home and children are as well getting schooled via online classes. However, being quarantined should not stop you from indulging in various activities other than sitting in front of the laptops. Instead, parents should make structured schedules for themselves as well as their kids for a productive day. This streamlined routine creates various opportunities for parents and kids to spend some quality time together. A disciplined routine comprising of exercise, homeschooling, playing and doing constructive activities/hobbies keeps all busy, encourages all to be creative and leads to a healthy lifestyle during this time.


3. Managing Stressful Environment With Calmness:


Due to isolation, times can be tough at home. However, parents should ensure to maintain harmony and peace between all family members during this quarantine time. Kids look up to their parents and envision them as role models. Hence, it’s their responsibility to avoid any disturbance and keep a pacifying environment. Kids are going to be experiencing angst and frustration since they are contained in the four walls of home. It is expected that their attitude would shift and they would roam the house with loud voices, tantrums and hyperactive behavior. First and foremost, take a deep breath and take a minute’s pause alone to compose yourself. Instead of yelling at them, correct their behavior with calmness by using positive language rather than scolding them. Be patient, kind and try to empathize with their problems by being an intent listener. Redirect their frustration by encouraging them to assist you in various chores and appreciate them for doing the job. This leaves a reassuring impact on them that you noticed, builds their confidence and also shares the load of responsibilities making your schedule a little lighter.

4. Learning Through Play:


Parents can involve their kids in different activities, which are fun and educational at the same time. Since, kids are unable to have outside exposure, parents can entertain as well as educate them at home interactively. Parents can ask their kids to help them in their daily chores. It makes the kids feel participated and responsible. Families can indulge in various constructive hobbies together like learning an unfamiliar language or memorize rhymes with children along with enjoyable dance routines. It will be fun to practice it together and in the process the kids as well as the parents will learn something new. Bring back the tradition of story telling and let your kids give voice to their imagination. Parents and kids can make resolutions regarding their plans after the COVID phase. It encourages kids and parents to have an interesting communication and allows kids to explore their creativity as well as look forward to the future. Parents and kids can explore their hidden talents and find delight in various hobbies like doing arts and crafts. It gives an expression to children’s innovative ideas and allows them to enhance their skillful techniques.  Parents along with their kids can also have numerous movie nights to watch their favorite films. The main aim is that parents and children should take this time as a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with each other while learning and having fun.


5. Social Distancing Protocol:


Parents should take their kids out when it’s absolutely necessary. However if they do, it’s vitally important for parents to acquaint their kids with the practice of social distancing – the dos and don’ts of how to behave in a public place or even while meeting relatives during these times. Parents should instill the habit in their kids to wear a mask at all times on their way out of the house. They should carry a portable sanitizer along with them and clean their hands frequently. Mingle and talk with people across a distance of 6 feet. Kids, especially little ones should be instructed not to touch their faces. It is also crucial that the kids along with their parents should understand this COVID is transmitted irrespective of racial difference and everyone should be kind and compassionate to the ones who are affected by it.