Life, in the present times, moves at a fast pace. Multitasking is a sign of an efficient lifestyle.  People cannot afford to waste their time finishing a single task at a time. However, parents of babies find it extremely difficult to manage various chores simultaneously. Babies need constant attention and care or else they will cry their heart out.

Multitasking definitely does not imply that parents ignore their babies. The primary goal of parents is to replicate their presence in their babies’ lives so they could continue tending to other works that have to be done urgently. TinyJumps is sensitive to the needs and requirements of mothers. Hence, our store presents a range of baby products, which makes you multitask without babies knowing your absence.

Baby Carriers 

There would be frequent times when you would need to run errands outside and no one to look after the baby at home. Obviously the baby cannot be left alone so you would take him along. However, holding and carrying your baby for continuous hours will exhaust you. Hence, baby carriers are the most beneficial baby item while parenting. 

Our SlingSwing™ Multipurpose Baby Carrier helps in becoming your arms of steel in holding the baby comfortably for countless hours. It completely relieves your hands and allows you to do your work without any hindrance. The carrier is designed in a perfect manner to keep the baby close to the mother. Hence, the baby actually feels that the mother is holding him. The detachable hip-seat effortlessly cradles the baby in their early months to help them control their head and neck.

MommyLove™ – Warm Baby Carrier from TinyJumps, not only holds your baby, it swaddles the infant keeping him warm and cozy. As a parent, now you don’t have to be afraid to take your babies outside in chilly weather. It protects the babies while they can enjoy and see what is happening around them. TinyJumps presents carriers that aren’t simply for outdoors, but can be used at home too while you’re busy in the kitchen or doing laundry.

Baby Swings

There’s cooking, cleaning and other chores to be done and all the baby wants is to keep rocking them to and fro all day. It is impossible for parents to sway their babies for hours and as soon as they’ll put them down, they’ll start crying. It creates chaos in the household and no work is done.

TinyJumps’ Mommy’sSidekick™ Baby Swing Egg Chair assures to resolve all issues and shares your load of work as a mother. The seat is ergonomically designed to imitate a mother’s embrace and keeps the baby’s posture in a healthy position. The chair gently rocks at five speeds that can be adjusted with time. It sways the baby with Bluetooth-generated lullabies that mothers can control with a remote. Mothers can now conveniently manage their work while keeping an eye on their baby softly swaying in the chair.


It is tricking to soothe an upset baby in their early years. Majorly they cry because they are hungry often. However, mothers at times need some break from nursing their babies. Sometimes they are unable to nurse their babies publicly because they are outdoors and brought the baby for a hangout. So how to calm down a crying baby while you’re busy. Pacifiers are the key to soothe a fussy baby.

Our Plush Elephant Soother works wonders in calming babies down. It also gives you the needed break from feeding your baby at home. The silica gel not only calms the baby but also relieves the baby from teething pain. It is easy to carry around or keep in the stroller when you go outside for some important work


Distractions are difficult to create when your baby requires your utmost attention. Obviously parents cannot leave everything pending and only utilize their time in entertaining their kids. Parents need to introduce interactive toys or gadgets that seem interesting that the baby wants to play with them instead, while parents can continue with their work.

Multi-functional Hanging Rattles amuses your baby in the most entertaining manner. The rattles are suspended and their movement with the active music makes the baby overjoyed. It enhances a child’s observation skills and engages him in a playful way. The light projections set an ambience for the kids to sleep peacefully on their own. Since it is mostly installed on the cribs, the babies are safe and play or sleep by themselves while parents can carry out their pending chores.