Acrobatic Hercules Wooden Stacking Toy Set

$ 29.95

Kids of today have evolved with the passage of time. They won’t be amused with basic toys or get distracted by ordinary playthings that earlier generations before us might have used. Children, these days, require toys that completely involve them.

Use our Acrobatic Hercules Wooden Stacking Toy Set, which not only fully engages kids but also develops their personal abilities and skills.

This Hercules Stacking Toy Set is a 16-piece set and is made of safe solid wood with stickers colored with non-toxic paint so it’s completely harmless for children. The set comes with Hercules figures in two acrobatic positions.

The stickers are separate and brightly colored, instantly appealing to the kids and they learn about color recognition. The stickers have to be pasted onto the wooden Hercules figurines. This motivates children to have hands-on experience and develops their spatial abilities. It also serves as an incredible opportunity for parents and children to spend some quality time together and bond.

The entire process of stacking the wooden Hercules requires accuracy and thus enables all children to improve their independent thinking skills. The process enhances their motor skills and hand-eye coordination to arrange the Toy Set in a balanced form.

With more than one kid, this toy set can be used as a way to have a healthy competition amongst siblings to see who stacks them first.
It is the perfect gift for kids to engage them in an interactive play through which they can polish their abilities and learn a lot.


  • A toy set to fully engage kids while educating them in the process of playing
  • 16-piece set made of safe wood material with stickers colored with non-toxic paints
  • The Hercules figurines are in two acrobatic positions
  • The stickers are vibrant colored that catch the attention of kids and also makes them learn color differentiation
  • The toy set encourages hand-on experience as kids paste the stickers by themselves, keeping in mind it’s pasted correctly developing their spatial abilities
  • Amazing parents-children bonding activity
  • The assembling of the toy set enhances the kids’ thinking skills, motor skills and improves their hand-eye coordination
  • Can be used as a competitive game between siblings
  • A perfect gift for kids to have an interactive game toy set


  • Material: Non-toxic, safe wood
  • Size: 18 x 3.5 x 26 cm