Baby Carrier Bag

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Do you get tired while holding the baby continuously in your arms or dragging the baby prams? Our uniquely designed Baby carrier bag has resolved this difficulty. These bags have highly thick shoulder straps that do not pressurize the muscles and bear the load. You can wear it and carry the baby anywhere. The bag has a supportive back to support the baby’s head. Moreover, the bag has size adjustability that makes the baby feel comfortable. So wear the bag and carry the baby easily.
  • The bag is made with soft but sturdy material that holds the baby’s load up to
  • 20kg
  • It features strengthening shoulder straps that relieve the stress from the
  • shoulders
  • The material is breathable and
  • the bag is not heavy
  • This bag features safety locks to secure your baby more
  • These bags have back supportive straps for carriers to avoid backache
  • The head supporting part is moveable and supports the baby’s head
  • It has safety strap clamps to adjust the bag
  • The bag can have 3 different adjustability modes for the baby’s positioning
  • The bag’s pads are thickened and soft that give your baby a comfy feel
  • Perfect for working women or parents who love to travel
Mesh Gray, Mesh Green, Dot Navy, Rain Gray, Beige Black, Omni
Mesh Gray,
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