BubCare Baby Food Scissor

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It is important for babies to digest food completely. Since their stomach is not fully capable to digest hard food so what moms do is give them chopped or meshed food so they can digest and swallow it properly. Meshing food with spoons and hands is highly unhygienic which can make baby ill and stomach undisturbed.

Our BubCare™ Baby Food Scissor is an easy and agile solution to this problem. It has 6 plastic scissors in a combination of 7 blunt edges made up of food-grade material which is completely safe for babies to provide soft and small cut food for your infants. It allows you to prepare food in less time and you can mesh and cut food like vegetables, fruits, and other babies' nutritional food in no time. A must-have for all parents


  • Safer and easy way to prepare food for infants and toddlers
  • Prepare food more quickly than ever
  • It has seven blunt plastic ends and 6 scissor edges to make the process quick
  • Food grade, non-toxic material
  • Can be an amazing GIFT for parents to feed their bubs properly


  • Material: Food Grade ABS
  • Size: 12cm (Length) x 6.1cm (Width) x 4.1cm (Breadth)
  • Color: White, Yellow

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