Silicone Multi-purpose Plate for Babies

$ 34.95

Silicone Multi-purpose Plate for Babies Now Flat 30% OFF

We are presenting Special Silicone Plates for Babies. These plates are made with bio-degradable silicon material that is easy to carry and light in weight. The plate set includes a little silicon spoon, a soft fork, and a plate with a partition. This silicone material is flexible and unbreakable, it offers a firm grip and it stays put on the table and in little hands. Ideal for when your little one is starting to eat by himself( no pointy of safety and hygiene is mentioned )


  • This is a divided baby plate is a wonderful guide to keep the baby’s food portions in check.
  • It let the parents give their babies a variety of food
  • The silicon plate is light in weight and it can gripe easily
  • The plate is unbreakable, free of lead and PVC
  • The silicon forks and spoons are so soft and they do not hurt the mouth
  • These plates are ideal to give your baby a portioned meal and the confidence to eat himself


  • Material: Silicon
  • 10 Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, Violet, Light Blue, Magenta, Peach, Orange, Gray, Light Violet

Package Includes:

1X Silicone Plate Set for Babies (a silicon plate, spoon, and fork)