Bamboo Dragonfly Bubble Toy

$ 34.95

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Bubbles capture the essence of childlike wonder, perfectly formed, enriched with
scent and colors. It is aimed to create an alluring moment with bubbles in the sky. Our Bamboo Dragonfly bubble toy gives your child endless fun. The animated body amuses the child and its easy use add more entertainment to kids’ life. These non-
electric bubble toys are easy to use and handy. The rotators fly high and spread the
bubbles in the whole environment creating an appealing moment. It operates on a
single button. It is a machine operating toy that lets your kid understand the mechanism makes the game more interesting. Moreover, the music adds excitement and happiness.:partying_face:
How to use:
Simply fix the rotator fan and move it anticlockwise. Press the button and enjoy the
  • This exciting bubble toy takes the bubble game to the next level
  • The rotator flies high keeping the happiness and spreading colorful bubbles in
  • the sky
  • It plays exciting music to add more fun
  • These bubble toys feature cute animated figures
  • The non-electric toys operate on the motor
  • It is made with
  • environmentally friendly material
  • No battery is required
: Plastic
: Blue, Pink, White, Yellow
Packages Includes:
Dragonfly Bubble Toy