Bath-Tub Shower Toys

$ 34.95

Bath-Tub Shower Toys  NOW 30%OFF:shower:

Does your child hate taking shower? Bath time of kids can be a hectic task for parents. And you can’t let them go because showering is important to maintain their hygiene. Introducing our bathtub toys to make the shower fun for kids. They pour water through the animated character which is fun for the kids. These toys are made from durable ABS plastic and not harmful. These toys are available in three different forms so you can choose what your kid likes. The character on these toys enhances their learning in a fun way. These toys will make your children love taking shower as they can make these animated characters their friends and enjoy their bath time while playing with them. :soap:


  • The toys are made from durable plastic and not harmful
  • They have different animated characters to enhance the learning of your kids
  • the toys pour water on your kids in a fun way
  • The animated characters will make your kids love taking a shower


Colors: Sky blue elephant, Brown Birds, Red Mushroom