BabySafe- Bicycle Safety Seat For Kids

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Baby Protective Cycle Seat with Flat 30% OFF :bike: 

Cycling is the best way to get fit since it allows you to move your entire body and build proper stamina and constitutes as a proper workout. However, it is difficult for parents to take their kids along as carrying them while riding the bicycle is unsafe and they can’t leave them alone at home. Not anymore! Use our BabySafe- Bicycle Safety Seat For Kids that ensures keeping your little ones safe and secure during an enjoyable trip with you.

This Bicycle Safety Seat is ideally designed for little kids. It is available in 4 types: Full Enclosure, Semi Enclosed, Armrest, and Single Plate; according to the safety level required as per the child’s age. The seat is super comfortable due to its non-slip design and keeps the baby safe and stable. It is cushioned, which makes it soft and comfortable to sit on. It is easily installed at the front and due to its durable metal framework, it ensures the seat is fixed securely. The front installation of the seat allows the kid to enjoy the beautiful view without any hindrance. It also makes it easy for the parents to keep an eye on their kid rather than those seats installed at the back. The Full Enclosure and Semi Enclosed seats for babies have a thick padded back cushion and handrail so the kids can comfortably relax on their backs and safely hold the handrails. They also have the feature of foldable paddles for the kids to relaxingly rest their feet.
It is the perfect gift for parents who have bicycles and want to take their kids along for a quick and safe outdoor cycle ride.


  • Perfect for eco-friendly bicycle rides
  • Keep yourself fit while the baby can enjoy the views
  • Makes a great outdoor bonding for parents and kids
  • The Seat ensures perfect security of kids with its comprehensive design
  • 4 types of Safety Seats: Full Enclosure, Semi Enclosed, Armrest, and Single Plate
  • The Seat is soft, non-slip and padded making it ultra-comfortable and stable for kids to sit on
  • Installed at the front of any bicycle, the sturdy metal framework ensures it is fixed
  • It allows the kids to enjoy the beautiful view and be entertained with whatever is happening all around
  • Thick cushioned backrest and handrails in Full and Semi Enclosed Type provided complete safety to kids from all sides
  • Foldable paddles for footrest
  • A perfect gift for all parents who like to have an enjoyable and safe outing with their kids on a bicycle


  • Material: Metal, Foam
  • Type: Full Enclosure Type, Semi Enclosed Type, Armrest Type, Single Plate Type

Package Includes:

  • 1 x BabySafe- Bicycle Safety Seat For Kids