Bathtub Racetrack Toy Set

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Bathtub Racetrack Toy Set brings life to boring bath time. Where kids at times, give a hard time to parents to properly clean and rinse them, our Bathtub Racetrack Toy Set proves to be an exciting distraction for them. 

The racetrack toy set is made from kid-friendly ABS plastic that makes it harmless. The toys are of different bright colors, which attract the attention of kids at once. The racetrack can be easily installed onto ceramic tiles, glass, or any wood surface with the help of suction cups. Our Bathtub Racetrack Toy Set has a creative design that entertains kids and lets them play interactively while they take a bath.


  • Creative design appealing to the kids
  • Bright colors and puzzle play, which enhances their imaginative and thinking skills
  • Easily installed through suction cups
  • A variety of play toys with different animals
  • A perfect gift for kids who like some exciting distraction during their bath time


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Design: Monkey Racetrack

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bathtub Racetrack Toy Set