Bump Maze Toy

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Engage your kids in a fun game with the Bump Maze Toy. It looks like a roller coaster and is designed to be enjoyable for your kids! When the metal handle touches the metal maze, it will sound an alarm, and the light will flash. The labyrinth is non-electric; thus, it is safe for kids. It helps to improve mental stability and children's ability to eliminate interference. Perfect for promoting patience in your child in a fun way. Buy two mazes at once and start at the same time to see who clears the level first!


  • A simple, fun, and safe toy to play with for your little ones
  • It is battery operated & produces a sound when the metal is touched with the ring
  • It helps improve children's ability to eliminate interference and overcome inner anxiety
  • Strengthen the brain's control of the hands and exercise the flexibility of the hands
  • Perfect gift for your children to play together with


  • Material: Plastic and Metallic Maze
  • Colors: Orange and Bluish Green
  • Product size (cm): 17*13*5cm

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