Multi-Functional Baby Jumping Chair

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A Baby’s healthy growth is important. So we are presenting a multi-functional baby jumping chair that helps the baby to grow happily. It helps them grow and teaches them a lot of things. We all know that child’s mind remains in the process of learning all the time. According to scientific research, the baby’s learn 80% till the age of seven. So of course, parents should give extra care, love, knowledge, and manners to their young angels. This chair help baby for not only walking but also to reaching their destinations and learning new and amazing things, so this chair is perfect. It features an elastic board that can be adjusted at different height levels. The elastic board helps the baby learn to walk and jump. It features a rotating seat and a music-playing keyboard. Different things like hen, house, tree, etc. on the sides content the baby’s curiosity and improve the baby’s cognition. It has a Bluetooth connection to play different music and keep the baby busy playing.
  • The jumping chair collocates a humanized design elastic jumping board that
  • is adjustable to different heights
  • The jumping board expedites the baby’s foot development
  • It features wheels that help in moving the chair
  • The baby’s seat can be rotated at a 360-degree angle and satisfies the
  • baby’s movement needs
  • The keyboard plays the soft music
  • It features different animated characters that make the kid learn about
  • animals and natural things
  • The board can come in place of the seat and works as a small colorful table
  • It features Bluetooth connectivity to play the baby’s favorite songs
: polyester
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1X Multi-Functional Baby Jumping Chair