Magic Popcorn Pens

$ 29.95

Our Magic Popcorn Pens feature attractive puffs to grab your child’s attention. Just like it sounds great, it works great as well. The pens feature many bright colors that children love and you can turn their drawing activities into a really fun time.

After drawing or painting something using these magical pens, the puffs start to make popup sounds just like popcorns when heated. Surprise your kids with this awesome pen set and engage them in fun and exciting drawing activities.

How to use:

Paint anything you like on the paper and provide even heat using a blow dryer or microwave (For at least 2 minutes).


  • These pen’s liquid material is safe to use, no harmful chemicals added
  • The cute pens colors create puffy popcorns on heating
  • It can be used on glass, paper, plastic, and other surfaces
  • Perfect for unique 3D art projects


  • Size (cm): 10 X 3 X 3 cm