BabyShield Child Protecting Stroller Covers

$ 29.95

Babies are exposed to many harmful tiny bacteria and germs in the air, which can make them sick. Our BabyShield Child Protecting Stroller Covers with its various options provides safety to little bubs against rain, mosquitoes, germs, and the sun.

The rain cover is convenient to install and guards the babies against coming in contact with germs and viruses around. The design is effective due to its zipper opening and breathable holes at the sides, which do not suffocate the child. Hence, it is fully aired, yet keeps the baby dry and safe from germs.

The mosquito net is made from fine fabric and keeps away all insects especially mosquitoes. The net can be adjusted on various angles according to the size of the stroller.

The sunshade cover provides the ultimate cover to the babies during outdoor hangouts. The size of the sunshade allows it to fully cover the baby and keeps them protected from harmful rays.

These covers are a must-have for parents who like to travel or have outdoor activities frequently to protect their adorable babies from extreme conditions.


  • The covers are beneficial for keeping your babies protected from germs
  • Transparent rain cover allows baby to stay dry yet enjoy the rain
  • The holes at the side of the rain cover provide ventilation in the stroller while keeping them safe at the same time
  • The fine net provides safety against mosquito bites
  • The sunshade is a must-have for terrible summer sunburns
  • It covers the baby fully and provides protection against sunrays, germs, rain, and bugs


  • Material:
    Thickened PVC (For Rain Cover & Germs Protection)
    Chiffon + PE (Mosquito Net)
    Plastic Strip + High Elastic Fabric (Sunshade Cloth)
  • Type: Rain Cover & Germ Protector, Sunshade Cloth, Mosquito Net
  • Size: 95 x 45 x 51 cm (Rain Cover & Germ Protector)
    120 x 40 cm (Mosquito Net)
    90 x 50 cm (Sunshade Cloth) 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x BabyShield™ Child Protecting Stroller Covers