Little Heart Baby Bodysuits

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Our baby Bodysuits, a onesie, is a dotted top that fits over the baby's nappy fastened with elastic knitted pants. These bodysuits have long sleeves but no legs. The knitted pants complete the baby’s look. These bodysuits have cute buttons, making them easy to wear. The purpose of the opening at the crotch is to facilitate access to the infant's diaper as well as preventing the garment from riding up the infant's body and exposing skin. Like T-shirts, infant bodysuits come in a wide variety of designs and may be worn as undergarments or as outer shirts
The little heart printing is durable and long-lasting
The soft material is breathable and comfy
It features long sleeves to cover the baby’s arms
The knitted pants make the perfect pair
Perfect to give your baby a cute chic look
Black & White
Package Includes:
1X Little Heart Baby Bodysuits