Hatched Egg Shower Toy

$ 29.95

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Want to get your little angel excited for bathing time? Do it with our cute and adorable “Hatched Egg Shower Toy”. The shower toy features hatching Ducks and Penguins, making shower time more fun and exciting!

The adorable shower toy has small shower holes at the bottom, and after the water is emptied, the Duck/Penguin goes back inside the egg, how cool is that? When filled with water, you can press the Duck or Penguin’s head to shoot water through their mouth. The perfect bathing toy for your little one.

How to use:

Dip it in water for a couple of seconds and when it's filled, the Duck or Penguin will come out from the hatched egg and ready to be used as a shower toy!


  • The high-quality material is rust-proof and durable
  • It features shower holes at the bottom of the egg
  • There is a hole in the mouth to throw a stream of water, making it funny
  • Perfect for your baby’s bathing time


  • Material: Plastic
  • Design: Duck and Penguin

Package Includes:

  • 1X Hatched Egg Shower Toy