Let's Make Baby Gym Wood Crochet Star Bell

$ 29.95

Star Bells Wooden Crochet Now Flat 30% OFF
Presenting some stylish, cute, and adorable handmade wooden Crochet hanging star bells for your little angels. The stylish monochrome wooden gym is designed keeping minimalistic and modern design elements in mind. These wooden bells are environmental-friendly and safe to use. These attractive bells capture your babies’ attention and keep them busy.
  • The wooden crochet is designed with style to make the environment beautiful
  • These are free of any toxicity
  • The handcrafted star bells are designed with motherly care
  • These three handing stripes are of different lengths
  • These crochets are available in unique patterns and different colors
  • Some of the bells feature ring that creates sweet sounds
Perfect to gift your baby
: Wood
: Red Rainbow, Pink rainbow, Yellow, Pink, Grey Ears, Pink Ears, Blue Ears, Star,
Birds, Horse, Gray, White, Pink, Camel
Package Includes:
1X Handcrafted Wood crochet For Babies