Luca Spider Plush Toy

$ 34.95

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A super-soft plush toy that your little one will love playing with. Presenting a treat for your little bubs with this cute and cuddly adorable “Luca the Spider Plush Toy” that needs no introduction!

Luca has a secret button inside its body and when pressed, it lets Luca talk. Luca says a few lines like, "Hi, my name is Luca”, and “I have four eyeballs”. Our favorite one is “Please don’t squash me when you see me!”

Luca will definitely draw your child’s attention and who knows, maybe Luca will help you not fear spiders anymore. The perfect plush toy for your little one.


  • The Luca spider is made with super soft plush
  • It has an inbuilt speaker
  • It features two big and two small eyeballs & 8 legs
  • The toy can help remove the fear of spiders from the child’s mind
  • Ideal to gift your cute little baby


  • Material: (inner) Cotton + (outer) Plush
  • Dimension: 13 cm X 16 cm
  • Color: Brown

Package Includes:

  • 1x Luca the Spider Plush Toy