HappySleep - Multipurpose Baby Bed

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The most important piece of furniture in a baby’s nursery is a crib. Parents need spacious independence to sleep simultaneously keeping an eye on the baby. HappySleep™ - Multipurpose Baby Bed resolves the problem of parents being tired and ensures sleep quality for both, the baby and the parents. It enables the parents to adjust the baby’s cot in a manner that it transforms into a U- shaped bed attachment without its bedside railings.

The crib can magnificently be calibrated into nine positions according to the different situations and heights of furniture. The crib has a breathable and visible mesh on one side that allows parents to carefully watch their babies intermittently. The fabric used for the crib is velvety that provides comfort to the baby’s skin. The base brackets are slip-resistant, which means the crib remains fixed and the baby is completely secure and stable. Also, they are suitable for a range of beds or sofas and can be adjusted flexibly. The baby crib has a melody box with soothing tunes to make the baby fall asleep. 


  • Soft material with breathable visible mesh on one side
  • Three-step installation
  • Nine gear adjustment
  • Adjustable design to save your space with a height adjustment option
  • Your baby’s safety, comfort, and stability at the same time
  • Easily adjusted with a bed/sofa


  • Material: Suede + Mesh + 6061 Aluminum+ Plastic ABS
  • Size: 690 x 980 x 800 mm (without adjusting height)
  •          690 x 980 x 1000 mm (Maximum adjustment)
  • Applicable bed height: 34 – 66 cm
  • Net weight: 11.36 kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x portable baby crib