Water Fused Playing Beads

$ 24.95

Creative Kids’ Play with Flat 30% OFF 😍

Parents should involve their kids in interactive activities and games instead of making them learn things through screen time. Our Water Fused Playing Beads allows kids to have a hands-on experience and motivates them to be at the best of their creativity.

The sets are available in abundant colorful beads that join together when sprayed with water. The various colors of the beads allow kids to learn and differentiate between colors. It enhances their hand-eye coordination and inspires them to be imaginative and creative to make something incredible. After being sprayed with water and dried, the beads come together as an amazing pattern made by the kid. The interactive playing beads keep children artistically engaged and utilize their time in a productive way. The pattern made almost seems like a crochet design.

It is the perfect GIFT for kids to motivate them creatively in order to reduce their screen time.


  • Lets kids play interactively with a safe hands-on experience
  • Children learn color differentiation and shape recognition
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and allows kids to be creative and imaginative
  • Beads join together with water spray and the designs can be used as key chains, fridge magnets, hair clips, etc. after they are dried
  • A perfect gift for kids to engage them in productive play 


  • Material: Safe and Non-Toxic Plastic
  • Set: Set A (1100 pcs), Set B (2400 pcs), Set C (5200 pcs), Set D (6000 pcs), Set E (8000 pcs)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Water Fused Playing Beads