Muslin Baby Blanket

$ 29.95 $ 39.95

Are you looking for the perfect baby blanket? Look no further! This blanket comes in a variety of beautiful designs and is perfect for swaddling your baby. It is suitable for babies of all sizes and can be easily adjusted to make your baby feel warm, safe and secure. The muslin material will feel soft and comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin as well as being easy to clean. They will love the colorful and stimulating patterns which have been specially designed to appeal to developing minds.

Parents have swaddled their babies snugly for thousands of years because it helps them to sleep through the night without waking and keeps them at the optimal temperature. This blanket is perfect for parents who love getting a peaceful night’s sleep! Swaddling has been shown to have a calming effect on young children and has many positive effects.

  • Easy to use - Classic design means that it is suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • Comfortable and hygienic - High quality materials to protect your child’s skin. Easy to clean
  • Beautifully designed - Colours and patterns designed with young children in mind.
  • Improves baby’s sleep quality - Swaddling has been proved to increase the duration of sleep in babies
  • Perfect gift for new parents - every new parent will appreciate the benefits of this blanket!