Newborn Baby Supporting Pillow

$ 34.95

Newborn Baby Supporting Pillow Now Flat 30% OFF

When babies start growing they demand more comfort and change of postures. But as a parent, you will be concerned about safety. Take a deep breath now and leave it all on us. We have manufactured comfortable and beautiful sets of pillows that support your baby’s back and do not let him fall. This pillow is manufactured with a blend of polyester and cotton. The pillow has two wedges to give your baby complete support.


  • The baby support pillows are made with soft and comfy material
  • This pillow keeps the baby safe from rolling down
  • The bigger wedge supports the baby’s back
  • The smaller wedge supports on the front side
  • The baby can relax inside posture
  • These are washable and detachable wedges
  • These are available in different colors
  • Perfect for your growing baby


Material: Soft Velvet (cotton and Polyester)

3 Colors: White, Blue, Pink

Package Includes:

1X Newborn Baby Supporting Pillow