Nontoxic Baby Star Pacifier

$ 19.95

Non-Toxic Baby Star Pacifier Holder:baby_bottle:.

Looking for a cute bling pacifier holder for your little one? Presenting our beautiful and unique-looking “Star Pacifier Holder” for your baby. These star pacifier holders look adorable and are non-toxic for your child. These pacifiers’ grippers serve multiple purposes: they can grip toys, pacifiers, feeders, and different things for your kids. The long length allows it to attach to a table, chair, walker, or anything else.


  • These star pacifier grippers are made with non-toxic material
  • These are soft and smooth so do not harm your kid
  • It can be tied with a table, chair, or baby’s walker
  • It has a strong grip
  • These are available in different colors
  • You can adjust the width according to the object, you are trying to attach
  • Perfect for your growing baby


  • Material: Silicon
  • Colors: Pink, Green, Grey, Blue

Package Includes:

1X Non-Toxic Baby Star Pacifier Holder