Safety Cushion

$ 25.60


Some babies start to roll over in bed at the early age of three months old. Parents have to be extra careful otherwise babies can fall from the bed. Safety Cushion avoids babies to have a dangerous fall down and gives a strong protection against hard floors.

The cushion is designed in the shape of a cushion that could easily be placed on the floor or the carpet. It is padded, which makes it a soft pillow for the baby’s sensitive head. When the babies are placed on the cushion, it protects the shoulders and head from getting hurt when they eventually learn to crawl or change sides.

The Safety Cushion not only relaxes the babies but also plays a part in shaping their heads in its definite form.


  • Suitable for babies (0 – 12 months old)
  • Anti-slip, soft and very comfortable for babies to place their heads


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Navy Blue, Pink, Maroon, Gray, Brown, Dark Gray, Light Gray
  • Size: diameter approx. 90 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Safety Cushion