Springy Red Sling Top Outfit

$ 29.95

Everyone wants to feel energetic in the severe heat of summers especially little babies. They need airy clothes so they could move with ease. Our Springy Red Sling Top Outfit comes as a breeze of fresh air in the blazing summer season.

The red flamingo and flower prints on the outfit are bright and lively. They bring a refreshing vibe and the little darlings feel cool and relaxed just by wearing these cheerful outfits.

The sling top is sleeveless and has a ruffled pattern, which means it provides an ease to the babies but it also has a stylish design. The shorts also have ruffles adding to the fashionable flair of the outfit. Available in 3 designs: Flamingo, Rose, and Hibiscus

It is the perfect gift for little girls as a trendy outfit for the summer season. 


  • Available in 3 designs: Flamingo, Rose, and Hibiscus
  • The color combination and the flower print represents a lively and cool breezy look in the summers
  • Sling top with ruffled hemline makes it fashionable
  • The shorts are also lined with ruffles for a complete trendy look
  • Comfortable cotton material with fine stitching
  • The elastic waistband of the shorts ensure perfect fitting and easement of babies
  • A perfect gift for baby girls to wear a stylish yet comfortable outfit


  • Material: Cotton
  • Design: Flamingo, Rose, Hibiscus
  • Size:


Top Length


Skirt Length


6-12 Month

30 cm

25 cm

21 cm

20 cm

1-2 Year

32 cm

26 cm

22 cm

21 cm

2-3 Year

34 cm

27 cm

23 cm

22 cm

3-4 Year

36 cm

28 cm

24 cm

23 cm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Springy Red Sling Top Outfit