Tall and Fluffy Giraffe Toy

$ 79.95

Tall and Fluffy Giraffe Toy Now Flat 30% OFF:giraffe_face:

Our Tall and Fluffy Giraffe toy is the perfect choice to give your baby quality time. This toy is made with durable and soft material, it allows your kid to climb on the giraffe and sit on his back, so you will not need to become a horse :P Bring this toy at home and give your baby a new toy


  • This stuffed animal is made of soft polyester fabric, making the surface washable
  • The giraffes are filled with cotton that makes them soft and fluffy
  • These giraffes are tall and look like a real one when seen at a distance
  • The body features colorful patterns just like the original ones
  • The hair on the back of the giraffe is non-irritating
  • The wire-frame legs can be tilted
  • This gives your baby a joyful experience in your free time
  • Perfect to gift your baby on any day to make the day special


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size (inches): 50 X 9.8 X 16.9 inches

Package Includes:

1X Tall and Fluffy Giraffe Toy