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Starry Night DIY Puzzle Now Flat 30% OFF:sparkles:
Do you want to engage your child, in healthy and learning activities? Then our starry night DIY toy is best for them. This is a puzzle and it promotes imaginative thinking. This toy is designed to improve the critical thinking, analyzing skills, and pressure managing skills of your child. You can accompany your child in their learning and puzzle-solving journey. It is an interesting thing to do in leisurely time. Just to give a hint, it ends up being a solar system carrying different colored Crystal star-like planets and orbits. Once you complete this puzzle, it starts rotating like paying a tribute for accomplishing the task. It looks so adorable when the crystal stars move with the music:jigsaw:
  • The starry night toy is perfect to improve critical thinking
  • It helps the child learn pressure management and how to respond under such
  • circumstances
  • It takes time but triggers the inactive parts of the brain
  • The colorful stars look amazing when compiled properly
  • It features colored crystal balls that look appealing
  • Once you complete the puzzle it starts to rotate
  • The wooden orbits feature different geometrical patterns
  • Perfect for parent who wants their child`s brain to be healthy and creative
: Wood
Mounting size
: 135 * 135 * 155mm
Total Pieces:
Package Includes: