Sunshade Swimming trainer

$ 29.95


Everyone, including little kids, wants to have fun at the pool in summers. Sunshade Swimming Trainer brings the brilliant opportunity for children to enjoy the water waves with independence yet with safety. It is conveniently inflated and deflated making it easier to carry elsewhere. The material is waterproof and does not leak air when pressure is applied.

The trainer has a safe seat that ensures the ideal posture essential for swimming and has handrails on its sides for extra security. The sunshade can also be installed incase of heated sun rays and protects the sensitive skin of the babies.

The swimming trainer comes with a horn button and a steering wheel to create an impression that children are freely swimming on their own. Parents can leave their kids at the pool without being fearful as the trainer provides maximum security while they have fun with the water.


  • Suitable for kids
  • Leak-proof gas cover
  • Comfortable airbag
  • Has a detachable sunshade


  • Color: Yellow

Package Includes:

  • 1 x swimming trainer