Cute Drawing Socks

$ 19.95

Adorable Sketch Baby Socks with Flat 30% OFF :footprints:

It’s difficult to keep track of toddlers when they start crawling. Especially when they are learning to walk, they fall down countless times. Our Cute Drawing Socks are non-slip and prevent babies from tripping. The socks are uniquely designed for girls and boys differently. They are extremely comfortable to wear due to their pure cotton material, which also provides babies with warmth against cold floor surfaces. The breathable material avoids moisture around the feet and prevents babies from falling down. The stretchy fit ensures the socks to wrap around the feet perfectly and look adorable on little bubs. A perfect Gift for parents who like adorable and unique socks for their babies. 


  • Pure cotton provides warmth and comfort to the sensitive feet of babies
  • Breathable material avoids sweat and makes them non-slip
  • Gives an adorable appearance to the cute feet of babies
  • Unique and different adorable design for both girls and boys
  • A perfect gift for little angels 


  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design: Boy, Girl
  • Size: Small, Medium

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair of Cute Drawing Socks

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